Why Bird Feeder Kits to Prevent Squirrels

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Why wooden bird feeder kits to prevent squirrels

1. Because the squirrel is also eating meat, but also to eat birds.
2. Squirrels like vegetarian, and occasionally eat meat. Its vegetarian mainly red pine, spruce, fir, larch, Pinus sylvestris and hazelnut, acorns and dried seeds and the main seed; meat to the main insects, larvae, ant eggs and other small animals and so on.
3. Feeding the bird when the nuts on the feeding bird, easy to lead the squirrel to steal food, so no way to feed the birds. You can look at the structure of the bird feeder. In the city rarely useful bird feeder, not to mention the squirrel, and can be used in the countryside yard, will attract large tits and other birds.
In addition, the bird feeder is not the thing that feeds the birds in the cage, is hanging outdoors, feeding the birds in nature, attracting them to eat, not the birds that are caught in the cage.



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