Mirror and wood make this little toy

Maybe many mothers have discovered that their baby is very interested in the mirror. When the baby first sees the mirror, it may be a little nervous, but slowly the baby will be interested in the “little partner” in the mirror. If you give your baby a small mirror, his line of sight will follow the movement of the mirror; whenever he holds the baby in front of the mirror, he may be very excited, maybe he will be a little shy; when the baby is bigger, he will I will reach out and touch the person in the opposite mirror, look at the mirror and make a strange look, spit out my tongue and smile happily.

The baby’s reaction to the relatives and friendships of the “little partners” in the mirror is actually the embodiment of the baby’s trust and security towards others, the surrounding environment. These are part of the social content, so the mirror is to train the baby. A useful toy for social affinity, but also good for enriching the baby’s visual experience. It is a good friend of the baby.

However, mothers should pay attention to several problems when playing the mirror for the baby:

1. The best time to use the mirror to train your baby’s sociality is to be 8-9 weeks after your baby is born. Don’t miss this opportunity.
2. To master the best line of sight between the baby and the mirror
3. Pay attention to safety, the main part of mirror is glass that you should pay attention to. So it is better to use a Security Camera to monitor your child when playing with mirror.

The mirror you provide to your baby is actually a “children” for the baby. In the process of playing with the baby and the “children”, the social nature of the baby is also developed.