3-6 years old baby suitable toys – a variety of musical instruments

3-6 years old baby suitable toys – a variety of musical instruments

Now the parents are hopeful, looking woman into a phoenix, always want your baby at a young age began to learn a variety of knowledge and skills, as if now do not learn will lose at the starting line seems, in fact, not the case, the baby Learning music can not be earlier than four years old, let’s take a look below.
“Friends of children are learning the piano, said learning to learn English as soon as possible, think about the baby is only three years old, what are the benefits of learning the piano? Including the cost investment, a little more hesitant.”

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“My daughter is just 4 years old this year, making no effort to learn the piano .I do not object, but the elderly at home say her daughter short fingers, not suitable for learning the piano, learning piano too bitter .Let me quite depressed, do not learn piano children A long finger? My daughter would like to learn the piano is not feasible this way? ”
“My son is almost 6 years old and learned violin this year. At the beginning, he was very excited, but now he was unhappy as soon as he took the piano and started to pull twice. I did not expect him to become famous but only wanted him to be happy , At the same time cultivate point literacy. Learn piano is not forcing can not learn ah?
3-6 years old baby suitable toys – a variety of musical instruments toy
Holidays, all kinds of training courses springing up, music is more sought after by parents. The development of music for children’s creativity and aesthetic ability has long been recognized by many parents, who all consciously educate their children and let their children learn a musical instrument.
The well-informed young Mom and Dad, who are seldom entangled in the question of whether or not to let their children pass their exams, most of them want their children to learn a musical instrument and develop a musical experience. But when to let the baby begin to practice the piano, it is still not an issue that can not be avoided if it is not forcibly done. Recently, Professor Zhou Haihong, vice president of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Wang Rui, a professor of music at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, unanimously stated in an interview that children can learn musical instruments as early as 4 years old and that musical instruments still have to assume the role of big toys. Not a tool for children to learn skills.


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Children learn musical instruments can not be earlier than 4 years old
Early education of children’s art, exposure to musical instruments, can allow children to experience the beauty of the arts earlier pleasure and beauty. This effect is imperceptible, and will have a positive impact on children’s values ​​and attitudes toward life, enriching their children’s future life.
However, the sooner a child can get in touch with the music, the better it refers to letting children listen to more enjoyable music, not necessarily classical music, rock, pop, jazz and so on. Because of domestic and foreign research shows that, 2-6 years of age, the child’s hearing ability will be developed rapidly from a lower level, by listening to music, you can develop children’s feelings of music and rhythm, for this or that The feeling of the unique sound of the kind of musical instrument can be gradually trained even from the child’s ability to distinguish the sound.