Processo de fabricação de brinquedos de madeira para jardim

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Processo de fabricação de brinquedos de madeira para jardim

Wooden Garden Toy are a big range and the materials are also different. Now a lot of wooden toys actually a lot of accessories are made of MDF. Made semi-mechanical semi-manual high degree of work. The general process is this: the choice of materialsmade accessories (manual or mechanical color) – assemblypackaging. Wooden toys are actually the most backward of the modern toy industry, the original product approach. This is the specificity of its material decision, unlike plastic toys can be a mechanical molding. Wood mechanics to do a higher degree of mechanization. So in the wooden toy factory, the first feeling is the powder and harsh electric saws.

Green Forest Toys have many items of wooden garden toys, like wooden bird feeder, wooden bird house, Outdoor Flower Pressing Kit.

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